What's New at The HBREL?

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  • We're hosting the first annual Florida Bee Research Symposium on July 15th-16th. Click here for more info and to register.
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The HBREL's Mission

... is to improve the health and productivity of honey bee colonies in Florida and globally by investing in research projects focusing on honey bee husbandry, ecology, behavior, and conservation. We also maintain an active research program focused on native pollinator ecology and conservation. The results from our research programs are communicated to clientele groups via targeted and multi-faceted extension efforts, thereby enhancing the sustainability of beekeeping and native pollinators and the agricultural/ ecological communities both support. Finally, undergraduate and graduate students can receive mentoring, training, and instruction in many areas related to honey bee and native pollinator research, thus ensuring a future generation of educators, researchers, conservationists and more.

Quick Contacts

Honey Bee Lab Staff

Dr. Jamie Ellis
Assoc. Professor of Entomology