Honey House Information

Below is information about honey house facility standards in Florida (non-cottage foods only). These include those who have sales over $15,000 annually or for those who sell honey via the internet, mail-order, consignment or wholesale (considered mobile).


Application for Inspection: if you intend on renting or using a facility for honey processing, it must be inspected before operations begin.

Minimum Construction Standards and Specifications Checklist
These standards apply to constructing, renovating or converting buildings to use for preparing, processing, storing or selling food for human consumption, including honey.

Commissary Letter of Agreement
This form is to be filled out and given to the FDACS inspector in the field and submitted as part of a mobile food establishment permit application.

Permitting Fees: there are permitting fees for honey processing, at an annual rate of $335.00 in 2012.

For more information regarding honey house and food permitting in Florida, please visit the Division of Food Safety

What's in your honey?

Did you know that the Florida Dept. Of Ag Division of Food Safety can identify the pollen in your honey, give Tupelo certification, determine the sugar profile, determine the color, moisture content and your compliance with the Florida Honey Standard?

Ask your Apiary Inspector or Food Safety Office to come take a sample. Click here to locate your Apiary Inspector.

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