7th Caribbean Beekeeping Congress & 2nd Annual Caribbean Bee College

      Monday- Friday May 26-30 2014

      University of the Virgin Islands
      Albert A. Sheen Campus, St. Croix
      RR1 Box 10000
      Kingshill, V.I. 00850-9781


In 2014 the Caribbean Beekeeping Congress will join forces with the Caribbean Bee College to host one full week of honey bee research, education, and current events with some of the leaders in Apiculture from around the world. The 7th Caribbean Beekeeping Congress and 2nd Annual Caribbean Bee College will be held Monday- Friday, May 26-30, 2014 at the University of the Virgin Islands, Albert A. Sheen Campus, Kingshill, St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands.

In 2013, HBREL partnered with the East Caribbean Bee Research and Extension Center at St. Georges University in Grenada, the Association of Caribbean Beekeepers’ Organizations, and the Grenada Association of Beekeepers to offer the College in the Caribbean for the first time. This 3-day honey bee extension event served as a learning experience for beekeepers, farmers, those in various bee-related industries and others interacting with honey bees and beekeeping at any level. We had nearly 100 participants from 12 countries.

This event is run through a partnership between the Association of Caribbean Beekeepers’ Organizations (ACBO), East Caribbean Bee Research and Extension Center (ECBREC) at the St. Georges University (SGU), the University of the Virgin Islands Cooperative Extension Service (UVI/CES), the Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab (HBREL) at the University of Florida (UF),  beekeepers and other groups in the Caribbean in an effort to share a platform in which we can effectively deliver research, current events and issues, information, tools, and resources that we hope will improve the sustainability of beekeeping among the islands




    • Call for Papers - deadline extended until 5/1/14 - please send abstracts WITH registration form and payment details.
    • Country Reports - deadline extended until 4/18/14 - please send intentions of filing a country report WITH registration form and payment details.
    • Paper Registration FORM
      • UVI/CES
        RR 1, Box 10000
        Kingshill, VI 00850-9781
        ATTN: Raquel Silver
    • EMAIL: CBC.CBCVI@gmail.com

      Raquel Silver
      Administrator II/Admin and Fiscal Officer - CES
      University of the Virgin Islands
      RR 1, Box 10000
      Kingshill, VI   00850-9781
      Office:  (340) 692-4061
      Fax:     (340) 692-4085
      Email:  rsantia@live.uvi.edu

Event Schedule

The 5-day event will consist of two-days Congress, one-day combo session of meetings, technical tours, and a cultural evening, followed by 2 days College. Local refreshments, vendors, and the second Annual Caribbean Honey Show will be featured during this exciting week.

Congress highlights include a keynote address from Ms. Nicola Bradbear "Beekeeping, a Global Perspective; Developments and Trends". There will be country reports and highlights from the successes of the region. There will also be a featured 'call for papers' where beekeepers and bee researchers from around the world will be invited to showcase their latest findings.

The Combo session will provide technical tours where participants will have the chance to visit the island of St. Croix and its local apiaries (transportation will be provided). The ACBO Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday May 28, as well as other focus group meetings where delegates will discuss the state of honey bee research, extension, and instruction efforts in the Caribbean and use the information gathered at the discussion to develop additional honey bee-related programs for the Caribbean islands.

College highlights include morning lectures and afternoon workshops on a variety of beginner and advanced honey bee and beekeeping topics. Live honey bee colonies will be on-site to facilitate a hand’s on learning experience. Courses include everything from honey bee biology to hive product marketing, Caribbean honey plants, pests& diseases and much more.

We truly hope that all parties interested in attending the The 7th Caribbean Beekeeping Congress and 2nd Annual Caribbean Bee College will be able to identify funding sources for their participation. We encourage bee clubs or governments on every island to consider sending a representative from their respective island to this event. We hope to register attendees from every island to make this a truly international event and facilitate our discussion on developing sustainable honey bee programs in the Caribbean.


Vending space still available.

The Congress/College is accepting vendor regsitration (on the regsitraion form). Beekeeping suppliers, companies with bee - related items, and other companies that are interested in vending are welcome to apply. We highly encourage local companies to apply. Please EMAIL: CBC.CBCVI@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a vendor.

Additionally, if you are a honey bee related company and would like to exchange ad space in our program for a small donation we would be happy to work with you.

Support & Donations

Are you interested in assisting the Caribbean Bee Congress and College financially? This event is being primarily funded through donations and registration fees. If you are interested in providing funding for equipment costs, logistical costs, please contact Jeanette Klopchin at (352) 273-3932.

We are currently seeking sponsorships in the amount of $250 USD each to ensure that at least one person from every island nation can be present.. Would you consider sponsoring someone today?

Please call Jeanette Klopchin at (352) 273-3932.

Travel and Accommodations

Travel to St. Croix:
 Please fly to St. Croix. US Virgin Islands, Airport code: STX
 St. Croix is served by American Airlines with daily direct flights from Miami.
 Cape Air/Seaborne Airlines, LIAT and Jet Blue provide connecting service through San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU).
 Other US and International carriers use the San Juan, Puerto Rico airport (SJU) as a hub and connect to St. Croix with
commuter shuttle airlines

Please see the Travel Information sheet posted here for detailed information regarding hotels and lodging.

2014 Caribbean Honey Show

Entry is free! Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to showcase all of your (and your bees’!) hard work. The show will be judged using the Welsh Honey Judge methods by certified Welsh Honey Judges and Stewards, and winners will be announced during the awards ceremony. Despite the name, the Honey Show isn’t just for honey! You can submit honey products, art/photography and observation hives too. A “Best in Show” will be chosen from all of the 1st place winners. It is important that you read all of the following rules regarding the Caribbean Honey Show Rules below. Entries can be disqualified for failure to adhere to any of the requirements. Please be aware of importation guidelines.

Honey Cake Recipe - view here for the recipe to follow for class H15, edible honey cake.

JUST POSTED Detailed Exhibit Class Rules and Awards - view here for full details.

For questions regarding the honey show please email:

Guidelines for Importing Honey to the United States Virgin Islands

Many of the event participants may wish to enter the Caribbean Honey Show, or otherwise bring bee-related products with them. If traveling from outside the U.S., here is some helpful information.

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection,

"You must declare all food products.  Failure to declare food products can result in up to $10,000 in fines and penalties.

The following are generally admissible:

-Honey- comb honey, royal jelly, bee bread, or propolis if it is not intended to be fed to bees (USDA Miscellaneous and Processed Products Manual, Table 3-100).

In general, as long as items are 1) declared 2) not intended to feed bees and 3) will not be re-used for beekeeping enterprises, there should be no issues with customs.

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