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Industry Updates for Florida Beekeepers

The Florida Administrative Code (FAC) associated with honey bees and beekeepers (Rule 5B-54) has undergone some changes that will have an effect on beekeeping operations in Florida. This post will summarize the changes and what they mean for you and your bees.  Defining the Industry Definitions

Beekeeper Management Calendar: May

Recommendations for your apiary in May: This calendar is meant to be a reference point for management and is not comprehensive. Originally published May, 2017. Republished May, 2018.

Lithium Chloride for Varroa Control?

At the end of 2017, German bee researchers published a journal article detailing work that they had completed which looked at the compound lithium chloride (LiCl) as a new potential option for Varroa control (Ziegelmann et al., 2017). In today's Melitto Files post, we will discuss the conclusions of that research as well as an argument for why