Welcome to the Extension section of the UF HBREL website. The HBREL offers extension programs and provides resources to the public.


The HBREL offers an array of programming to the public, beekeepers, youth and other targeted clinetele.

UF Bee College

Under beekeeper extension falls one of our most popular programs, the UF Bee College: Florida's most extensive honey bee educational event! The seventh annual Bee College was a huge success thanks to our participants and our wide range of accomplished national and international speakers and guests. Bee College 2016 is in the works as we speak. Do you have ideas for topics you haven't heard before? Do you have a speaker that you are just dying to see give a presentation or workshop? Let us know! Send us an email to honeybee@ifas.ufl.edu and we would be happy to consider your suggestions.

Caribbean Bee College

coming soon

South Florida Bee College

Bee College is expanding to the south of the state!The1st annual South Florida Bee College is scheduled for August 16-17 2013 at the FLREC in Davie, Fl. We will have a new and improved 22-class Honey Show, Spanish- Language classes, crafts, workshops, lectures, open hive demonstrations and more. Please consider joining us for this fantastic 2-day beekeeping experience. Please visit the SFBC page for more information.

Jr. Bee College

coming soon

Florida Master Beekeeper Program

The Florida Master Beekeeper Program is aimed at beekeepers with some beekeeping experience (at least one year to enter the program). This program features four levels of advancement: Apprentice—Advanced—Master—Master Craftsman. Completion of the Master Craftsman Beekeeper level is comparable to the completion of a Master’s degree from a university!

Welsh Honey Judge Program

coming soon

The AFBEE Program

Members of the HBREL have partnered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to create the African Bee Extension & Education (AFBEE) Program which serves to educate every Florida citizen about the presence of African bees in Florida. The AFBEE Program website is a clearing house of information about the African honey bee in Florida.

Citizen Science



The Melitto Files Newsletter

We publish a quarterly beekeeper’s newsletter called the Melitto Files (a pun on Melittophile, meaning lover of bees) which features articles written specifically for Florida Beekeepers, announcements of upcoming beekeeping events, and a management calendar divided into regions.




Documents -


UF HBREL publishes documents under the UF/IFAS Electronic Data Information Source (EDIS) on beekeeping and honey bee-related topics. We have

Featured Creatures

Founded in 1996, Featured Creatures provides in-depth profiles of insects, nematodes, arachnids and other organisms. The site is a cooperative venture of the University of Florida's Entomology and Nematology Department and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services' Division of Plant Industry. The HBREL has made many contributions to the site.






Please visit HBREL's video page for links and downloadable "A Video Field Guide to Beekeeping" series by Dr. Jamie Ellis.



Program Affiliates

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