University of Florida/IFAS
Entomology and Nematology News Release

Fly parasites released to kill the bromeliad "Evil Weevil"

Drs. Ron Cave, Howard Frank and graduate student Teresa Cooper were all mentioned in a UF/IFAS news release about a parasitic fly that attacks the Mexican bromeliad weevil. The fly, Lixadmontia franki, was discovered in 1993 in Honduras by Cave, who named it after Frank. The fly proved extremely difficult, if not impossible, to rear until the opening of the new quarantine facility in Ft. Pierce. This release is important in that the Mexican bromeliad weevil has been eating its way through Florida's precious bromeliads since 1989, threatening entire species. These bromeliads are prized, not only for natural diversity, but also because many Florida species are unique and generate significant tourist interest. To view the press release, see the Pest Alert at for 06/28/07.