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Good Lawn Bugs ID Card Set

Good Lawn Bugs is a pocket-sized ring-bound booklet featuring 20 different beneficial insects.

Good Lawn Bugs spotlights the helpful creatures that live right under our feet. This pocket-sized ID deck is packed with information and full-color photos including five different beetles, five "true" bugs, wasps, spiders and even nematodes that can assist us in achieving a healthy and beautiful lawn. With definitions, benefits, and strategies of insect pest management (IPM ) this is a great resource for anyone from the serious IPM practitioner to those just learning the value of controlling the insects that inhabit our lawns. The 24 identification cards are laminated and ring-bound making them perfect for outside use. Individuals can purchase copies at $6.00 each, plus shipping, while organizations ordering large quantities can get a discount on the unit price. Copies of the Good Lawn Bugs are available from the University of Florida IFAS bookstore at 800 226-1764 (ask for SP 430) or download the order form on the Southern Region IPM Center Web site at IFAS has online ordering as well at