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Florida Butterfly Encounters

In parks, in fields, and in their own home gardens, people are discovering the bright and beautiful world of butterflies. Florida Butterfly Encounters is a series of booklets designed to enlighten both the beginner and the experienced butterfly enthusiast. You will find information on how to attract, observe, identify, and keep track of the wonderful butterfly species found in Florida. The four booklets included are:

50 Common Butterflies of Florida: A basic introduction to some of our most commonly encountered Florida butterflies. Each species is pictured in color with an easy-to-follow guide to useful field marks and other helpful identification tips.

Butterfly Watching Basics: Learn how to observe and identify butterflies in the field, record your observations, and discover some of the many resources available to enhance your skills and increase your enjoyment.

Florida Butterfly Gardening: Turning your property into a haven for butterflies doesn’t require a large investment of time or money. This guide walks readers through the basics and provides simple guidelines to help develop a successful butterfly garden.

Checklist of Florida Butterflies: Use this checklist to help enjoy Florida’s rich butterfly life and record your observations of common species, rare endemics, and even the occasional tropical vagrant.

Authored by Dr. Jaret Daniels, the booklets are available though the UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore at 800-226-1764 or Ask for publication SP 446. Cost is $7 plus shipping.