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Beneficial Arthropds: Predators Image Gallery CD-ROM

The Beneficial Arthropods: Predators Image Gallery CD-ROM (SW 189) contains 133 different images, including adults and immatures, of 37 beneficial arthropod species or groups. The HTML format allows the CD to be used with any PC or Mac with a CD-ROM drive and Web browser. The images are delivered in three different sizes and resolutions: print quality (TIF), display for large audiences (JPG) and Web-optimized (JPG).

All images are copyrighted by UF/IFAS but are authorized for free use by educational organizations and the media. There are additional restrictions on commercial or for-profit use. This CD is perfect for training master gardeners, master naturalists, agricultural employees, or other students, and may be used for in-house training of pest control personnel.

The cost is $15, with reseller and quantity discounts available. Call the UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore at (800) 226-1764 to order. See details on groups covered and commercial restrictions on the Buggy Software Web site at