Mole Cricket Bibliography

This bibliography does not include all publications about mole crickets. Instead, it omits theses, dissertations, publications in languages other than English, abstracts of talks given at meetings, proceedings of meetings, outdated results of insecticide trials, outdated reports in trade journals, and much of the early literature which has been superseded by more complete studies. Most of the papers referenced are primary research papers. One item referenced, Mole crickets in Florida (Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations Bulletin no. 846), was published first in 1985 (although dated 1984 on its front cover), and was reprinted in the 1990s. When the supply of it was again exhausted, the content was made into a pdf now available here: . Its readers should be aware that it portrays an early version of the UF/IFAS Mole Cricket Research Program, before success was achieved by imported biological control agents, before additional spread of the pest mole crickets, and before the 2015 changes in scientific names of mole crickets. The remaining items should be present in libraries of major universities, where they may be read or photocopied for personal use. Many are now available online. The most recent overview of the UF/IFAS Mole Cricket Research Program is Frank & Walker 2006, although there are subsequent publications on some aspects. This Bibliography cites some more recent publications.

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