Visiting Scholars

The UF HBREL hosts many students, researchers and visitors from around the world. Please contact Dr. Jamie Ellis and consult the resources listed below if you are interested in joining the HBREL as a visiting scholar. Please note that most visiting scholars have funding to cover all of the costs associated with their time in the U.S. and as a member of the HBREL. The HBREL typically cannot cover these costs.

Steps for joining the HBREL

  • Visit the UF Exchange Visitor Services website for an overview of the visiting scholar program.
  • Contact Dr. Jamie Ellis to express interest in joining the HBREL as a visiting scholar.
  • Obtain a J-1 invitation letter from Dr. Ellis. This letter must include the proposed dates of your visit and the purpose of your visit (what do you hope to accomplish while visiting the HBREL). Please provide this information to Dr. Ellis when requesting a J-1 invitation letter. Download an example letter here.
  • Submit a J-1 application packet to Ms. Glinda Burnett.*

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