Subgenus Xanthosarus Robertson, 2 species

    These were originally placed in the subgenus Delomegachile


Key to females

  1. Inner mandibular tooth truncate…M. ingenua

Inner mandibular tooth rounded or acute…M. addenda

megaddmandclose.GIF (508718 bytes)


Key to males

  1. Front basitarsi dilated, usually yellowish or ferruginous…M. ingenua

Front basitarsi blackish, simple. .M. addenda

megaddfrtarsi.GIF (350810 bytes)


Megachilidae: Megachile addenda Cresson

County Records: Highlands, Liberty, Alachua, Suwanee, Miami-Dade (Mitchell-lit record)

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Locations: Paradise Key

Dates: March 31-April 25; March: 1, April: 5

Plants: polylectic


Female:      megaddface.GIF (402639 bytes) megaddmand.GIF (417063 bytes) megaddmandclose.GIF (508718 bytes) megaddtopabd.GIF (411206 bytes) megaddside.GIF (362113 bytes)

Male:    megaddface.GIF (308693 bytes) megaddmand.GIF (388909 bytes)megaddvertex.GIF (432574 bytes) megaddcoxalspines.GIF (436117 bytes) megaddfrtarsi.GIF (350810 bytes)megaddtop.GIF (390194 bytes) megaddabdtop.GIF (402925 bytes) megaddtergum6.GIF (361281 bytes) megaddtergum62.GIF (434347 bytes) megaddsternum.GIF (317785 bytes) megaddside.GIF (343110 bytes)  


Megachilidae: Megachile ingenua Cresson

County Records: Santa Rosa, Alachua, Walton

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Locations: Santa Rosa Beach, Navarre

Dates: May 25-Aug. 10; May: 1, Aug: 1; Mitchell records it mostly from June

Plants: appears to be oligolege of Tephrosia virginiana (Fabaceae)