Subgenus Sayapis Titus, 4 taxa

    This subgenus has species that superficially resemble those of Chelostomoides. However, the females can be distinguished by having a cutting edge on the mandibles that is lacking in Chelostomoides and the males have 4 exposed sterna while those of Chelostomoides have 3. In Florida, the county records suggest that only M. frugalis frugalis and M. policaris are widely distributed. Both subspecies of M. inimica appear to be restricted to southeastern Florida.

Key to females

  1. Clypeus with long, erect, black pubescence…M. frugalis frugalis Cresson
  2. Pubescence of clypeus entirely pale….2

    meginiinifemaleclypeusside2.JPG (56513 bytes)

  3. Clypeal margin with a very broad and shallow, median, emarginate area, the median portion of which is slightly thickened and produced…M. policaris Say
  4. Clypeal margin with a shallow incurved area on each side of center which is occupied by a low obtuse angle….3

    meginiinifemaleclypeus.JPG (169516 bytes)

  5. Legs bright ferruginous….M. inimica inimica Cresson

meginiinifemaleside2.JPG (69458 bytes)

Legs black…M. inimica sayi Cresson

meginisayfemaleside.JPG (72633 bytes)

Key to males

  1. Front basitarsi dilated, usually yellowish or ferruginous…2
  2. meginiinimalefrleg.JPG (64963 bytes)

    Front basitarsi simple, blackish…M. frugalis frugalis Cresson

  3. Front basitarsal scale produced apically fully to tip of 3rd segment…M. policaris Say

megpolmalefrtarsiclose.JPG (63643 bytes)

Apex of basitarsal scale not attaining tip of 3rd segment…3

meginiinimalefrleg.JPG (64963 bytes)

3.     Legs bright ferruginous….M. inimica inimica Cresson

        meginiinimaleventral.JPG (65230 bytes)

        Legs black…M. inimica sayi Cresson


Megachilidae: Megachile frugalis frugalis Cresson

County Records: Monroe, Miami-Dade, Alachua, Marion, Highlands, Clay, Suwanee

megfru.gif (17056 bytes)


Dates: April-August

Plants: polylectic

Notes: Nests in wood borings.



Megachilidae: Megachile inimica inimica Cresson

County Records: Miami-Dade, Monroe

meginiini.gif (16532 bytes)

Locations: Key Largo, Biscayne Bay, Sugar Loaf Key, No Name Key, Key Biscayne, Miami

Dates: Feb.-April

Plants: Asteraceae and Fabaceae; Crotalaria, Bidens, Borrichia

Notes: wood boring nester; this is a SE coastal form with red legs

Female: meginiinifemaleface.JPG (98437 bytes) meginiinifemaleface2.JPG (119815 bytes) meginiinifemaleclypeus.JPG (169516 bytes) meginiinifemaleclypeusside.JPG (82832 bytes) meginiinifemaleclypeusside2.JPG (56513 bytes) meginiinifemalemandibles.JPG (87783 bytes) meginiinifemalevertex.JPG (128551 bytes) meginiinifemalecheek.JPG (105545 bytes) meginiinifemalescutum.JPG (146808 bytes)

meginiinifemaleside.JPG (72282 bytes) meginiinifemaleside2.JPG (69458 bytes) meginiinifemaletergatop.JPG (103385 bytes) meginiinifemaletergaside.JPG (52711 bytes) meginiinifemaletergasidefull.JPG (68646 bytes)

Male: meginiinimaleface.JPG (68814 bytes) meginiinimaleterga.JPG (100722 bytes) meginiinimaleside.JPG (66743 bytes) meginiinimalefrleg.JPG (64963 bytes) meginiinimalegenitalia.JPG (105993 bytes) meginiinimalebasalclaws.JPG (56770 bytes) meginiinimaleventral.JPG (65230 bytes)


Megachilidae: Megachile inimica sayi Cresson

County Records: Miami-Dade

meginisay.gif (16715 bytes)

Locations: Cutler, Miami


Plants: polylectic, favors composites

Notes: nests in borings in wood; this is more widespread phenotype with black legs.

Female: meginisayfemaleface.JPG (116913 bytes) meginisayfemaleface2.JPG (98059 bytes) meginisayfemalemandibleside.JPG (64621 bytes) meginisayfemalewing.JPG (71779 bytes)

meginisayfemalelegs.JPG (71685 bytes) meginisayfemaleside.JPG (72633 bytes) meginisayfemalescutum.JPG (110819 bytes) meginisayfemalescutellum.JPG (115336 bytes) meginisayfemaletergatop.JPG (102023 bytes) meginisayfemaletergalastside.JPG (45937 bytes) 



Megachilidae: Megachile policaris Say

County Records: Clay, Miami-Dade, Highlands, Monroe, Alachua, Marion, Indian River, Brevard, Orange, Duval (Mitchell)

megpol.gif (17549 bytes)

Locations: Ocoee, Jacksonville Beach, Flamingo, Key Largo, Miami

Dates: March 12-Aug. 7; March: 2, April: 2, May: 1, June: 2, July: 2, Aug: 1

Plants: Borreria, Erigeron; polylectic, favors composites

Notes: In the SE, known from Florida, Georgia and Louisiana. Uses trap nests.

megpolfrug.jpg (114095 bytes) megpolfrug2.jpg (98955 bytes)

Male: megpolmaleface.JPG (70180 bytes) megpolmaletongueside.JPG (65504 bytes) megpolmalecoxalspines.JPG (49774 bytes) megpolmalefrtarsi.JPG (62732 bytes) megpolmalefrtarsi2.JPG (69997 bytes) megpolmalefrtarsiclose.JPG (63643 bytes) megpolmalemidtibialspurs.JPG (48906 bytes) megpolmalemidtibialspursclose.JPG (59527 bytes) megpolmalemidtibialspurscloser.JPG (55486 bytes)

 megpolmalereartarsi.JPG (75051 bytes) megpolmaleside.JPG (75150 bytes) megpolmalescutum.JPG (111598 bytes) megpolmaletergatop.JPG (77450 bytes) megpolmaletergacarina.JPG (67515 bytes)  megpolmalesterna.JPG (100012 bytes) megpolmalegenitalia.JPG (105585 bytes)