Subgenus Pseudocentron Mitchell, 1 species

Megachilidae: Megachile pruina pruina Smith

County Records: Miami-Dade, Monroe

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Locations: Gordonís Pass, Cedar Keys, Miami, Miami Beach, Flamingo, Homestead, Key Largo, Long Key, ENP

Dates: April-October

Plants: Polylectic, mostly Asteraceae and Fabaceae

Notes: A neotropical subgenus of Megachile. Found in SE USA (NC to Florida and to Texas). This species probably occurs primarily along the coast?

Female: megprufemaleface.JPG (90506 bytes) megprufemalemandibles.JPG (85427 bytes) megprufemalemandiblesclose.JPG (88344 bytes) megprufemalevertex.JPG (114406 bytes)

megprufemalescutum.JPG (114365 bytes) megprufemaleside.JPG (76822 bytes) megprufemaletergatop.JPG (106465 bytes) megprufemaletergatop2.JPG (83041 bytes) megprufemalewing.JPG (68393 bytes)

megprufemaletergaside.JPG (79112 bytes) megprufemaletergalastside.JPG (64025 bytes) megprufemalesternabarearea.JPG (66421 bytes) megprufemalemidbasitarsi.JPG (76505 bytes) megprufemalemidbasitarsiclose.JPG (81253 bytes)

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