Subgenus Melanosarus Mitchell, 2 species

    A neotropical subgenus with 2 species in the USA. M. bahamensis is restricted to SE Florida while M. xylocopoides likely occurs throughout the state.

Key to females

  1. Wings very deeply infuscated, purplish; abdomen with numerous rather large and deep punctures…M. xylocopoides Smith

megxylside2.GIF (330159 bytes) megxyltop2.GIF (330289 bytes)

Wings less deeply infuscated, not purplish; hind wings nearly subhyaline; punctures of abdomen very minute and sparse…M. bahamensis Mitchell

megbahfemalewing2.JPG (62318 bytes) megbahfemaleterga.JPG (104818 bytes)

Key to males

  1. Mid and hind tarsi blackish…M. xylocopoides Smith

megxylside.GIF (312147 bytes)

Mid and hind tarsi ferruginous…M. bahamensis Mitchell

megbahmaleside.JPG (76927 bytes)


Megachilidae: Megachile bahamensis Mitchell (= M. floridensis Mitchell)

County Records: Monroe, Miami-Dade

megbah.gif (16630 bytes)

Locations: Miami, Coral Gables

Dates: March to October


Notes: Restricted to South Florida and the Bahamas

Female: megbahfemaleface.JPG (81433 bytes) megbahfemalevertex.JPG (129388 bytes) megbahfemaleside.JPG (81929 bytes) megbahfemalescutum.JPG (105764 bytes) megbahfemalesterna.JPG (51990 bytes) megbahfemaleterga.JPG (104818 bytes) megbahfemalewing.JPG (61745 bytes) megbahfemalewing2.JPG (62318 bytes)

Male: megbahmalefront.JPG (60893 bytes) megbahmalemandible.JPG (67662 bytes) megbahmalemandibleclose.JPG (71566 bytes) megbahmaleside.JPG (76927 bytes) megbahmalefrontleg.JPG (75674 bytes) megbahmalemidleg.JPG (63301 bytes) megbahmalescutum.JPG (137296 bytes) megbahmalewing.JPG (57071 bytes)  megbahmaleterga3.JPG (117835 bytes) megbahmaleterga2.JPG (124592 bytes) megbahmaleterga.JPG (92305 bytes)


Megachilidae: Megachile xylocopoides Smith

County Records: Indian River, Miami-Dade, St. Johns, Leon, Lee, Okeechobee, Volusia

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Locations: Haulover, Indian River, Miami, Melbourne, Enterprise, Fort Myers, Okeechobee, Paradise Key, St. Augustine


Plants: March to November

Notes: primarily a coastal plain species of the SE USA; extends west to to the western deserts.


megxylfront.GIF (349604 bytes) megxylmandible.GIF (429918 bytes) megxylabdside.GIF (356935 bytes) megxylside2.GIF (330159 bytes) megxyltop2.GIF (330289 bytes)

megxyls62.GIF (348440 bytes)


megxylface.GIF (309305 bytes) megxylfaceclose.GIF (328113 bytes) megxylmand.GIF (392062 bytes) megxylmandclose.GIF (462209 bytes) megxylmandclose2.GIF (459434 bytes)

megxylvertex.GIF (591168 bytes) megxylvertexclose.GIF (455239 bytes) megxylscutum.GIF (453612 bytes) megxylscutumclose.GIF (590979 bytes)  megxylwing.GIF (320760 bytes) megxyltop.GIF (254997 bytes) megxylabdtop.GIF (384369 bytes) megxylcoxalspines.GIF (444912 bytes) megxylside.GIF (312147 bytes)

 megxylfrtarsi.GIF (328559 bytes) megxylfrtarsi2.GIF (319621 bytes) megxylfrtarsi3.GIF (506597 bytes) megxylfrtarsiinner.GIF (443903 bytes) megxyltarsiinner2.GIF (450097 bytes)

    megxylsternum.GIF (391439 bytes) megxylt7.GIF (494365 bytes) megxylt72.GIF (544503 bytes) megxylgenitals.GIF (502205 bytes) megxylgenitals2.GIF (378967 bytes) megxylgenitals3.GIF (412862 bytes)

megxylgenitals4.GIF (395570 bytes)