Subfamily Megachilinae

Tribe Megachilini Latreille

Two genera are found in this tribe, Megachile and the parasitic Coelioxys.

Key to genera (From Michener 2000)


Scopa present on S2 to S5 or S6; metasoma not tapering throughout its length...Megachile

megalbside.GIF (370600 bytes) meginiinifemaletergatop.JPG (103385 bytes)

Scopa absent; metasoma tapering from near base to narrow, often acutely pointed apex...Coelioxys

coeimmfemsterna.JPG (47182 bytes) coeimmfemtergatop.JPG (54901 bytes)


T6 appearing multispinose because of two pairs of long, preapical spines, each spine of upper pair sometimes divided into two, or crenulate, rounded, or fused to other spine of pair...Coelioxys

coeoctmaleterga3_6.JPG (57778 bytes) coeoctmaleterga6dorsalclose2.JPG (42015 bytes) coeoctmaleterga6ventrall.JPG (43990 bytes)

T6 with large preapical carina (apparent apex of metasoma), often crenulate, often emarginate medially, sometimes reduced to two spines or rarely absent...Megachile

megbretergum62.GIF (374033 bytes) megbritergum7.GIF (372522 bytes) megdefter6carina.GIF (444961 bytes) megintegrellatergum7.GIF (442099 bytes) megrubtergum67.GIF (521291 bytes) megpettergum.GIF (488304 bytes)