Subgenus Leptorachis Mitchell, 1 species

Megachilidae: Megachile petulans Cresson

County Records: All from Mitchell. Miami-Dade, Walton, Indian River, Duval, Volusia, Lee, Alachua, Jefferson; Pascarella (Leon); I do not have the county records from the FSCA. Probably throughout Florida.

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Locations: Cutler, DeFuniak Springs, Indian River, Jacksonville Beach, Titusville, Crescent City, Monticello, Gainesville, Fort Myers, Tall Timbers,


Plants: Polylectic, but especially Asteraceae, Fabaceae, and Lamiaceae

Notes: Occurs in SE USA, up to N. Jersey, coastal plain species. Subgenus is primarily neotropical in distribution. Observed to nest in ground.


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