Subgenus Chelostomoides Robertson, 4 species

    These bees do not use leaves to construct their nest but use resin, mud, or other materials. Of the four species recorded for Florida, M. georgica is the most common and widespread species, ranging from the northern counties to the Florida Keys.

Key to females of Megachile (Chelostomoides)

  1. Clypeus much modified, produced and deeply excavated…M. rugifrons
  2. Clypeus less modified, flattened, either entire apically or dentate or emarginate…2

  3. Clypeal margin entire, neither denticulate nor emarginate…M. georgica
  4. Clypeal margin either denticulate, tuberculate, or emarginate…3

  5. Clypeal margin with a slight median denticulation…M. exilis parexilis

Clypeal margin definitely emarginate medially, with no indication of a median denticle.. M. campanulae

Key to males of Chelostomoides

  1. Mandible without an inferior projection…M rugifrons
  2. Mandible with a definite inferior projection…2

  3. Front tarsi dark, only slightly dilated and flattened…M. campanulae
  4. Front tarsi ferruginous, at least the basal joints distinctly dilated and flattened…3.

  5. Front coxae definitely spiny.. ..M. georgica

Front coxae reduced to minute tubercle…M. exilis parexilis


Megachilidae: Megachile campanulae (Includes M. campanulae campanulae Robertson and M. campanulae wilmingtoni Mitchell)

County Records: I do not have any from the FSCA. Mitchell lists none for M. campanulae campanulae from Florida and record from Crescent City (county?) for M. campanulae wilmingtoni. Pascarella listed both for Miami-Dade County.

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Dates: Feb.-Nov.

Plants: Polylectic, often on legumes or composites.

Notes: Subspecies wilmingtoni is the southeastern coastal form of M. campanulae. Nests in borings in wood. The female of M. campanulae campanulae is smaller than M. campanulae wilmingtoni (10-11 mm vs. 11-12 mm), has entirely pale pubescence on the sixth tergum vs. whitish and short erect black hairs; and has lightly infuscated wings vs. deeply infuscated wings. Males can be separated on the basis of size and wing infuscation, similar to females.


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Megachilidae: Megachile exilis parexilis Mitchell

County Records: I do not have any from FSCA. Mitchell does not list any from Florida. I have collected this species in Thomas County, GA near the Leon County, FL border.


Dates: March-October

Plants: Polylectic, primarily legumes.

Notes: Nests in borings. Primarily a southeastern species.


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Megachilidae: Megachile georgica Cresson

County Records: None from FSCA. Miami-Dade, Monroe, Volusia, Leon, Wakulla (Probably throughout)

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Locations: Hollywood, No Name Key, Titusville, Miami

Dates: March-November

Plants: Polylectic, primarily legumes.

Notes: Nests in borings. Primarily a southeastern species.


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meggeoscutum.GIF (434595 bytes) meggeoabdside.GIF (347201 bytes) meggeotergum6.GIF (382446 bytes) meggeogenital.GIF (381150 bytes) meggeogenital2.GIF (450227 bytes) meggeogenital3.GIF (423229 bytes) meggeogenital4.GIF (322388 bytes) meggeogenital5.GIF (390778 bytes)


Megachilidae: Megachile rugifrons Smith

County Records: None from FSCA. Baker/Columbia, also collected in Wakulla Co. (not shown on map)

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Plants: Polylectic

Notes: Widespread species


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