Subgenus Argyropile Mitchell, 2 species

Key to females:

  1. Abdominal terga 6 concave in profile, entirely covered with closely appressed pale tomentum, without erect basal hairs…M. townsendiana Cockerell

Tergum 6 very nearly straight in profile, with erect hairs toward the sides basally. .M. parallela Smith

Key to males:

  1. Larger (13mm); carina of tergum 6 broader, surface just above emargination broadly impressed…M. parallela Smith

Smaller (10mm); carina of tergum 6 narrowed apically, slightly curved ventrad, emargination small, upper surface not impressed… M. townsendiana Cockerell

    Both species occur in the southwestern U.S. Apparently rare in the eastern United States, occurring from North Carolina to Florida. Our species may represent an eastward migration that is currently restricted to warm areas with sandy soil.


Megachilidae: Megachile parallela Smith

County Records: Levy, Nassau, Leon, Miami-Dade (Mitchell)

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Locations: Miami, Miami Beach, Tall Timbers Research Station

Dates: June to September (Mitchell)

Plants: polylectic

Notes: This is a ground-nesting species


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Megachilidae: Megachile townsendiana Cockerell

County Records: Miami-Dade, Broward (Mitchell), St. Johns, Nassau

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Locations: Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach

Dates: July 28-Oct. 12; July: 1, Aug: 1, Oct.: 1

Plants: oligolectic on composites (Helianthus, Melanthera, Chrysopsis, Actiniella)

Notes: Nests in sandy soil. In Florida, most of the records of this species are from the coast, in beach dunes and coastal hammocks. No photos available at this time.