Subfamily Megachilinae

Tribe Anthidiini Ashmead (14 taxa)

    The tribe Anthidini has six genera present in Florida. Main characters are listed in the key to tribes.

Key to Genera (From Michener 2000)

1. Mandible of female with five or more teeth separated by acute notches; with the following combination of other characters: arolia absent; basal vein of forewing several vein widths basal to cu-v; base of propodeal triangle minutely roughened, punctate, hairy, without series of pits; postspiracular fovea of propodeum absent; juxtantennal carina absent...Anthidium

antmacfemmandible.JPG (57322 bytes) antmacfemarolia.JPG (49933 bytes) antmacmalewing2.JPG (47551 bytes) antmacfemscutellum.JPG (90863 bytes) antmacfemvertex.JPG (65680 bytes)

Mandible of female with three or four (rarely five) teeth, at least some of them separated by obtuse or rounded emarginations, rarely distal margin edentate except for small tooth near lower margin; without the combination of other characters listed above...2

steloufemmandiblefront.JPG (74260 bytes) parjuglepfemalemandibleclose.JPG (57300 bytes) antperfemmandible2.JPG (54424 bytes) diacurcurfemmandible.JPG (65827 bytes)

2. Middle tibia with two apical spines; scopa absent...Stelis

steloufemtibiabasitarsus.JPG (48978 bytes) steausflomalebasitarsusgrooveclose.JPG (51930 bytes) steloufembelow.JPG (55046 bytes)

Middle tibia with one apical spine, or spine reduced to sharp angle  or rounded margin; scopa present..3

3. Propodeum with fovea delimited posteriorly by a carina behind spiracle; omaular carina present; base of propodeum frequently with row of pits across upper margin connecting postspiracular fovea, but sometimes row present only laterally...4

Propodeum without fovea behind spiracle; omaular carina absent or weak; row of pits across upper margin of propodeum absent, weak, or present only laterally..Trachusa

tracrafempropodeum.JPG (50534 bytes) traridfemscutellum.JPG (66058 bytes)

4. Apex of middle tibia without tibial spine or angular vestige of spine, but with convex carina (with dense short hairs beneath) across tibial apex, curving basad anteriorly, forming edge of broad, scoop-shaped concavity on apical tibial surface; apical margin of mandible of female strongly oblique, about half as long as mandible..Paranthidium

parjuglepfemalemandibleclose.JPG (57300 bytes)

Apex of middle tibia with angle or short spine on outer side, without preapical concavity; apical margin of mandible of female usually less oblique and often less than half as long as mandible..5

antperfemmandible2.JPG (54424 bytes) diacurcurfemmandible.JPG (65827 bytes)

5. Subantennal suture long and distinctly arcuate outward; preoccipital ridge behind vertex strongly carinate and produced posteriad, covering pronotum; scutellum ending as sharply margined truncation (with small median emargination) overhanging metanotum and propodeum..Anthidiellum

antpermaleclypeus.JPG (70270 bytes)  antpermalevertextop.JPG (77489 bytes) antpermalescutellum.JPG (78180 bytes) antpermalescutellumrear.JPG (59903 bytes)

Subantennal suture more or less straight; preoccipital ridge behind vertex not or moderately carinate, not produced posteriad; scutellum not truncate, or, if so, then sharply margined only laterally...Dianthidium

diacurcurfemface.JPG (60287 bytes) diacurcurfemvertex.JPG (78113 bytes) diacurcurfemscutellum.JPG (75259 bytes) diacurcurfemscutellumrear.JPG (61451 bytes)