J. Howard Frank


(70% research, 20% extension, 10% teaching)



Research Responsibilities

Biological control of pest insects using parasitoids, predators, or pathogens. Current projects are against Scapteriscus mole crickets (pests of turf, pasture grasses, and vegetables), and Metamasius callizona (pest of bromeliads).

Teaching responsibilities

Biological Control (ENY 5241), a course for graduate students.

Tropical Entomology for undergraduates (ENY 3563/ENY 3564L) and for graduates (ENY 5566/ENY 5567L).

Supervision of research by graduate students.

Extension responsibilities

Extension of results of the research projects.


Introduction, colonization, release, and establishment in at least 38 Florida counties of Ormia depleta (Diptera: Tachinidae) a parasitoid of Scapteriscus mole crickets. Release, testing, and development as a commercial biopesticide of Steinernema scapterisci (Nemata: Steinernematidae) a nematode pathogenic to Scapteriscus mole crickets.

Career Publications:

Selected Publications

Revised July 2000