Have bees on your property? Need information on bee removal? See our "Bee Removal" Section.

Informational Events

  • 2015 Bee College: March 6-7 th at the Whitney Marine Laboratory in St. Augustine, FL. Several seminars will be offered including basic bee biology, Africanized bees, live bee removal and more.

Articles & Edis Documents




  • How to Beeproof My Home,
    Dr. Jamie Ellis and St. Lucie County Extension Director Anita Neal discuss the current state of African honey bees in Florida, provide general honey bee information and precautions, and offer suggestions on how to bee-proof a property. Video courtesy of St. Lucie County Extension's SLC-TV
    (to view this video, you may need Windows Media Player)
  • Africanized Bees: Coping with the Challenge
    This video from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services discusses honey bee biology, the difference between European honey bees and African honey bees, the effects of the African honey bee on the beekeeping and agriculture industries in Florida, what Florida residents can do to be informed, and many other topics!  Video courtesy of Florida-Agriculture.com.




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