Bugs and People will credit you with three hours of Biology (B) General Education credits.  In this course, you will be educated to the myriad creatures in the “bug world” and how they interact with you by eating your food, your animals, your homes, and sometimes even you. You will learn the historical importance of bugs in folklore and literature and will discover various monuments that have been erected to bugs. You will learn about bugs from around the world and how various human cultures fight them, worship them, eat them and live with them. You will get some delicious recipes for preparing and eating bugs. You will learn to appreciate the role many bugs play in human misery and disease on a global scale. Lastly, you will learn about bugs that live on you without either your permission or your knowledge. You will not have to dissect them, but you will leave generally educated as to the role and scope that bugs play in their interplay with people around the world.

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Syllabus: Spring 2014, 2013, Fall 2012

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Bug costumes

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