UF Bee College Honey Show

All registered participants of the UF Bee College are welcome to enter the UF Bee College Honey Show! Anyone can enter, just read the rules!


The Bee College honey show is the largest in the state, and winners can proudly claim the title of “Best Honey in Florida”! The Bee College Honey Show provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase all of your (and your bees!) hard work. The show is judged using the Welsh Honey Judge methods by certified professional Welsh Honey Judges and Stewards. Those who enter the show are referred to as "exhibitors." Our Honey Show Secretary is Mrs. Glinda Burnett. There are typically one or two presiding Senior Welsh Judges, Welsh Honey Judges, multiple stewards, a Show Secretary and a Referee. Each year there are nearly 100 entries from over 20 exhibitors.

Despite the name, the Honey Show isn’t just for honey!

Exhibit Classes

There are 22 exhibit classes for entry at the Bee College Honey Show. The Show itself has general Rules and Regulations. Each exhibit class has additional associated rules. You can submit honey products (extracted honey, creamed honey, or honey just for tasting), art/photography, candles, mead, and gadgets too. It is important that you read all of the rules and regulations regarding the UF Bee College Honey Show. Entries can be disqualified for failure to adhere to any of the requirements.

Honey Show Rules, Regulations, and Exhibit Class Descriptions

How to Enter

First, register for Bee College. Then read the general rules and regulations. When the Exhibit classes are announced, see which class you'd like to enter. After reading the exhibit class rules, download, print and fill out the entry form.

Honey Show Entry Form

Honey Show Entry Authenticity Form

Send in your entry form and authenticity form to:

Mrs. Glinda Burnett
c/o UF Bee College Honey Show
PO Box 110620
Gainesvile Fl 32611

The entry form simply allows us to be prepared for the number of entries coming in and to create the ID labels for each of your exhibit items.

On the first day of Bee College, check in with the Honey Show Secretary or Manager to retrieve your labels. Be sure use the staging area to stage your items (place the labels on your items, clean your jars, etc.) and have them ready to hand off to the stewards during the specified entry times.

Be sure to attend the Awards Ceremony Friday Evening to see if you've placed and claim your prize card. The show will be open for viewing and check-out Saturday.

General Rules and Regulations

  1. All honey and wax exhibited must be the bona fide product of the exhibitors’ own bees.
  2. All entries must be accompanied by a signed Authenticity Form.
  3. All wax must be 100% pure beeswax, of uniform color and consistency, with no colorings added.
  4. All exhibits for Bee College are to be entered between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm Thursday or 9:15 am - noon on Friday. Exhibits for South Florida are to be entered Friday, 9:30 am - noon
  5. No late entries will be accepted.
  6. Judging commences on Friday at 1:00 pm.
  7. Staging of exhibits will be carried out exclusively by show stewards. Exhibitors are not allowed in the judging area until after the results are announced.
  8. Identification labels — exhibitors must label every item with the identification labels supplied. These labels must not be altered and are to be fixed to honey jars approximately ½ inch centered above the bottom of the jar or mead bottle. Other classes have ID label affixation guidelines wherever noted.
  9. In classes where there are duplicate or triplicate entries, all entries must be identical.
  10. Exhibitors may only have one entry in a class, no single entry may be shown in more than one class.
  11. Judges and stewards are permitted to exhibit; however, they are not allowed to preside over classes they have entered.
  12. To retrieve their entries, exhibitors must sign out each item with the show secretary no earlier than 1:00 pm Saturday.
  13. The Honey Show Referee is empowered to:
    1. Increase the number of prizes and/or awards in any class should the number and high standards of merit warrant his doing.
    2. Withhold prizes in case of insufficient entries.
    3. Submit any exhibit for analysis.
    4. Retain all or any part of any exhibit, concerning which a protest has been made, until a decision upon such protest has been finalized.
    5. Decide any question as to the interpretation of the foregoing rules and regulations.
  14. Decision of the Show Committee on any matter whatsoever, under or in relation to the foregoing rules and regulations, or on any protest or objection in relation thereto, or to any exhibit, shall be final.


Exhibit class:
The awarding of points for each exhibit class is to be calculated on the following basis:

1st prize
2nd prize
3rd prize
Very Highly Commended
Highly Commended

6 points
5 points
4 points
3 points
2 points
1 point


Show Awards:

Supreme: Supreme extracted honey chosen from the first prizes from classes of honey in a jar excluding class H6.
Sweepstakes: Maximum points collected from an exhibitor for the prizes collected across the show bench.
Best in Show: Best Exhibit in show amongst all open exhibit classes.

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Welsh Honey Judge Certification Program

Coupled with the UF Bee College Honey Show we host our annual Welsh Honey Judge Certification Program. Our Honey Judge Training is the most stringent training for would-be honey judges in the world. This specific course requires a separate registration.

Program History

The University of Georgia Young Harris Beekeeping Institute (YHBI) is the original developer of the Welsh Honey Judge (WHJ) Program in the United States. Certified WHJs from Northern Ireland and Georgia, USA, have managed the WHJ certification program under the auspices of the Welsh Beekeepers Association since 2001. In 2008, the WHJ certification program began being offered by WHJs who partnered with the University Florida Bee College (UFBC).  Since its introduction into the United States, the WHJ certification program has seen numerous beekeepers from all over the United States participate and become certified WHJs. 
In 2013, the WHJ program underwent a significant revision resulting in the addition of the new rank of Senior Honey Judge (SHJ). This level is certifiable only by the UFBC and YHBI and is the only program of its type in the United States.

Program Eligibility

The program and the required examinations are suitable for those who would like to be certified for their individual knowledge and skills in preparing and exhibiting hive products as well as promoting quality bee products for the public in their purest form.  The program is open for individuals of all ages, though it is most appropriate for those who are 12 years of age or older. One does not have to be a beekeeper to participate in the program. WHJ training and certification are offered through the UFBC and YHBI.

Program Fees

Each level of training in the Welsh Honey Judge Program is subject to additional registration fees above that of required for attending the partnering event (e.g., the UF Bee College). The fees pay for the WHJ uniforms required to be worn by certified WHJs and partially reimburse the costs associated with administering the WHJ program.

Program Levels

Please refer to the draft document "How to Become a Welsh Honey Judge" for more detailed information.

Welsh Honey Judge candidate – individuals who have had beginner training at UFBC or YHI, and who then possess the ability to steward a honey show.

Welsh Honey Judge – individuals who have completed all the steps necessary to become a WHJ. These include attending beginner training, stewarding a minimum of two honey shows, presenting a judges kit, and passing an oral exam at the UFBC or YHI.

There are 4 steps that must be completed before one can be certified as a WHJ. They include:

1) Beginner Training
2) Stewarding Honey Shows
3) Assembly and Presentation of Judging Kit
4) Oral Exam

Senior Welsh Honey Judge – a WHJ who has undergone an additional six steps beyond that required of a WHJ, including but not limited to, advanced training, judging, and assembling a senior WHJ portfolio.

There are 6 steps that must be completed before one can be certified as a Senior WHJ. They include:

1) Advanced Training
2) Stewarding/Judging Honey Shows
3) Honey Show Participation Points
4) Present a Senior Welsh Honey Judge Portfolio
5) Presentation of Judge’s Kit and Attire
6) Final Exam

New ~

Just announced, the WHJ Program now has a 'Documentation of Participation' form for WHJ candidates, Judges, and Senior Judges, to help keep track of their honey show participation. This will be part of the requirement for the Senior WHJ portfolio.

Click here for the form.

How to Join or Advance

If you are interested in becoming a UF Certified Welsh Honey Judge, please register for Bee College and then for the "Beginner Honey Judge Training" on Friday.

If you have already begun the program, and are a Welsh Honey Judge Candidate and wish to schedule an oral exam please email gburnett@ufl.edu

If you are already a WHJ, we offer an 'Refined Techniques' course on Friday for honey judge skill refinement, a necessary step to become a senior WHJ.

All program particpants are welcome to join in the stewarding of the UF Bee College Honey Show. Please email gburnett@ufl.edu to reserve a spot, spaces are limited.

***A full document regarding the UF Welsh Honey Judge Certification Program is coming soon.

Honey Judge Certification Program Information

Certified Welsh Judges of UF Bee College

Last Name First  Date Entered Advanced Training County/State Email Address
Allen-Ford Bethany Apri - 09   Manatee, FL FCFarmBees@mailmt.com
Allison Paul Mar-09   Orange, FL  
Bartlett Thomas Mar-09   Volusia, FL bartteb@aol.com
Bela Barnabus Mar-15   Pinellas, FL bbela1998@gmail.com
Belknap Cindy Mar-12   PA cindybeeshoney@gmail.com
Boggs William Mar-15   Alachua, FL willboggs@willboggs.com
Brady Thomas Mar-09   AR  
Claxton  Debbie Mar-12 Mar-13 Duval, FL debbieclaxton@bellsouth.net
Cowart Claudia Mar-10 Mar-13 Lee, FL claudiac@cyberstreet.com
Fox Beth Mar-09   Seminole, FL
Gruenwald  Shellie  Mar-11   Escambia, FL
Heifner Thomas E. Mar-09   Bay, FL
Holmes Jennifer  Mar-13 Mar-13 Martin, FL
Horne Brendahn  Mar-11   Palm Beach, FL
Humphries Susan Mar-13 Mar-13 Leon, FL
Hutson Ellyn Mar-09   Jefferson, FL
Kent Donald G. Mar-11 Mar-13 Volusia, FL
Kruglyakov Julia Mar-09   Broward, FL
Lausman Kevin Mar-13 Mar-13 Manatee, suncoastbeekeeper@verizon.net
Livingston Robert "Bob" Mar-10   Leon, FL
Prevatt Gayle Mar-12 Mar-13 St. Johns, FL
Ranker  Gary Mar-13 Mar-13 Manatee, FL
Riches Trevor Mar-14 Mar-16 OR
Rose Joshua Mar-09   PA  
Ryan Priscilla Polly Mar-09   Hillsborough, FL  
Schoch Elaine Mar-11 Mar-13 Brevard, FL
Tarwater Stephanie Mar-09   TN
Tarwater Sue H. Mar-10   TN  
Vickerman Raymond H. Mar-09   Clay, FL
Wachter Margery Mar-13 Mar-13 Urbana, IL
Young Cecelia Mar-15   Union, FL youngcae@cedartechnology.com

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