UF/IFAS Vegetable Pests I, II and III

The three UF/IFAS Photo Gallery Vegetable Pest CD-ROMs each offer scores of images of Florida vegetable pests that include adults, immatures (pupae, larvae, eggs), and damage in three different resolutions:

  • Web-optimized,
  • display-sized for large audiences,
  • print quality.
The Vegetable Pest CD-ROMs also contain information on pest distribution, life cycle, identification, hosts and damage.

For a listing of the species included on each CD-ROM, as well as the restictions governing use of the images, see:

SW 180 - Vegetable Pests I - Coleoptera - Diptera - Hymenoptera
SW 181 - Vegetable Pests II - Acari - Hemiptera - Orthoptera - Thysanoptera
SW 182 - Vegetable Pests III - Lepidoptera

The text and images on the three Vegetable Pest CD-ROMs are distributed in a HTML format that allows easy access to the images for even the most novice computer users. The CD-ROMs will autorun on Windows systems but other system users must access and doubleclick the Index.htm file in the root folder of each CD-ROM.

Each Vegetable Pest CD-ROM costs $15. Quantity and reseller discounts available. For additional information or to purchase one of all or these, or other entomology CD-ROMs, call the UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore at (352) 392-1764 or (800) 226-1764, or order online: Vegetable Pests I, Vegetable Pests II, Vegetable Pests III.

UF/IFAS also offers two computer-verified training tutorials on Vegetable Pests. These educational tutorials are authorized for pesticide applicator CEUs in Florida.

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