UF/IFAS Bug Tutorials


The 30 software tutorials listed below are publications of the UF/IFAS Department of Entomology and Nematology. These tutorials were developed to enhance the training of personnel in various industries and or anyone interested in insects and other arthropods.

In addition, these computer-verified training tutorials are authorized by Florida for one (1) CEU each in various categories for recertification of certified pesticide applicators. See the file on CEU Tutorials for details. Some tutorials may also be authoized for CEUs in other states.

FREE Unlimited Technician Training to Meet Florida Requirements

The tutorials each consist of 50 questions accompanied by text and full-color graphics and photographs. Each tutorial can be completed within 50 to 60 minutes. A passing score of 90% is required to earn the CEU, but the tutorials may be retaken as often as necessary to achieve that score.

Click here to see a listing of the organisms covered by each Bug Tutorial

Click here to access a site from which you can download a "short form" listing basic information required
to allow the UF/IFAS CEU Verification Office to generate the State of Florida "Record of Attendance Form."
This is only for those licensed applicators renewing Florida licenses.

All linked tutorials are available as FREE download and will install on any Windows operating system.
Click on the tutorial name to download.

However, these Tutorials WILL NOT WORK on the newer 64-bit systems.

Current List of UF/IFAS Bug Tutorials

Beneficial Insects 1
Beneficial Insects 2
Beneficial Insects 3
Beneficial Insects 4
Bloodsucking Insects
Caterpillars of Ornamental Plants
Filth-breeding Flies
Eastern Subterranean Termite
Enemies of Mole Crickets
Fleas and Ticks
German Cockroach
Foliar Nematodes as Pests of Ornamental Plants
Mole Crickets
Mosquitoes 1
Mosquitoes 2
Mulch and Moisture Pests
Occasional Invaders
Ornamental Insects 1
Ornamental Insects 2
Pest Ants
Root-knot Nematodes as Pests of Ornamental Plants
Stinging Caterpillars
Stored Product Pests
Turfgrass Insects 1
Turfgrass Insects 2
Vegetable Insects 1
Vegetable Insects 2
Wasps and Bees
Wood-destroying Insects

Some or all of these tutorials are authorized for CEUs in Florida, Vermont and West Virginia.

How The Tutorials Work

Each tutorial comes with a self-install program that creates the necessary directory and names on the Programs Menu as it copies itself to your hard drive.

Each question screen within the tutorial allows the student to access text (under an Info Text button) or graphics (under an Image button) necessary to answer the question. Questions 1 and 50 provide information on using the test and applying for CEUs (if desired). The text for answering the questions, using the program and applying for CEUs can be printed from within the program. This allows students the option of handling printed material, as well as electronic information, to answer the questions.

Questions answered correctly provide the student with additional information not found under the Info Text button. The student is not tested on this additional information. Questions answered incorrectly provide the student with the correct answer, and often with additional information that helps the student understand the subject better.

Simple instructions for printing the test results are provided under the Intro Text button of Questions 1 and 50. Students can print these instructions off from within the tutorials. The tutorial can be used over and over again for instruction without requiring a student to print the results.

Only after students have answered all 50 questions are they prompted to enter their name into a pop-up screen. They can then proceed to access their test results.

To apply for CEUs in Florida see below. For other states click here.

To apply for CEUs, the student must pass the test (90% score required - see above) and:

All the above instructions for taking the test, and submitting the form for CEUs are available through the Intro Text buttons of Questions 1 and 50 within the tutorial and may be printed out while within the tutorial.

Funds earned through the $10 CEU fee go toward the development of additional insect and pesticide-related software at UF/IFAS, and to support the UF/IFAS CEU Verification Office.

For information on other insect and insect-related software,
see the UF/IFAS Buggy Software Web site.
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