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What's with the new Windows XP configuration?

During the Fall term of 2005 the entire set of Windows 2000 machines were re-built with Windows XP SP2 and Office 2003 Pro. Although we still have the same old Dell Optiplex Pentium III machines running at 667MHz, more RAM has been added and much larger hard drives have been installed. We hope to replace the CD-RW drives with DVD burners in the not too distant future and although the machines still have their Zip drives that can handle both 100MB and 250MB media, USB flash drives are much more convenient and are highly recommended. All the machines also have integrated sound cards, but interested users will have to provide their own headphones to utilize these. Having speakers on the individual machines would be too disruptive.

All of the Windows machines have also been equipped with a disk protection system. When ever a machine is restarted, the local hard drive is returned to the way it was when it was last configured. Restarts are scheduled to occur automatically at 3AM each morning so the anti-virus software can be updated and so any other maintenance updates can be applied. Consequently, it is more important than ever to save your files on removable media. Unless you have made special arrangements to have your documents redirected to the server (a process which replaces the old "CTL account" procedure, then your files are guaranteed to not be there tomorrow--so make sure you keep a copy for yourself!

Hopefully, there will not be too many problems, however, there are a considerable number of behind-the-scene changes and it is likely that some "tweaking " will be needed. Please let Steve Lasley know if you experience any problems or have any questions.

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Last edited 12/1/2005