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Syllabus ENY 4161

Syllabus ENY 6166

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Grading - this course uses the +/- grading system

Submitting exercises.

Exercises that require written responses may be submitted by online submission, email, surface mail, or FAX. You may mail your responses to the following address:

Paul M. Choate
Entomology and Nematology Dept., Bldg 970
Natural Area Drive
University of Florida, Gainesville FL 32611

There may be technological issues that prevent some forms from working correctly. Some of your email providers block form submissions. However, I will try to have these also available online to save you the inconvenience and potential cost of mailing.

As exercises using specimens are completed you should add those to your collection, which will be mailed in for evaluation at the end of the semester.

Other UF Sites - contact information

Ft. Lauderdale REC Entomology and Nematology Resources

Mid-Florida Research and Education Center at Apopka

Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory & Mosquito Information



Insect Classification - ENY 4161/6166

A Distance Education Course

(UF Distance Learning)

Robber fly - central Florida

Central Florida scrub robber-fly (Diptera: Asilidae). ©Photo by Mike Thomas. Townsendia sp.)

Instructor: Dr. Paul M. Choate


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The following links are also found in the Course Web Pages. They are included here as short-cuts so you may get started from here as well from the Course Web pages site.


  • Adult Insect Collection - see section in respective syllabi
  • Semester Project (Graduate Students only) - see ENY 6166 syllabus
  • Final Course Submissions - see respective syllabi
    • Undergraduate students
    • Graduate students

Course Resources - check this out for many helpful sites

Use the following resources to help you with identification, species citations, systematics questions
Additional Resources
Additional resources you may find useful for this course

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