We have created a basic visual guide to some common insects you may see in and around your beehive. Check it out here!

Honey & Beekeeping Related Regulations

2011 Florida statues on Honey Certification and Honey Bees

Florida Right to Farm Act now to include beekeeping - read more here.

Florida Division of Food Safety Standard of Identity - Honey

Cottage Food Law - info from FDACS

Cottage Food Law - 2012 Florida Senate Statues

Cottage Food Law - Report of the Committee on Beekeeper Compliance with Cottage Food Legistation

HBREL Pest & Disease Videos

  Videos for online viewing (Flash)

1)   ♦ Trachael Mite (19min 11sec) 
2)   ♦ Nosema Disease (15min 15sec) 
3)   ♦ Small Hive Beetle (18min 12sec) 
4)   ♦ Varroa Mite (25min 22sec) 
5)   ♦ American & European Foulbrood (15min 32sec)

Videos to download (MPEG4):

  1)   Trachael Mite (19min 11sec). 
♦ computer play back 
♦ mobile device

  2)   Nosema Disease (15min 15sec).
♦ computer play back 
♦ mobile device

  3)   Small Hive Beetle (18min 12sec). 
♦ computer play back 
♦ mobile device

  4)   Varroa Mite (25min 22sec). 
♦ computer play back 
♦ mobile device

  5)   American & European Foulbrood (15min 32sec). 
♦ computer play back 
♦ mobile device


Upcoming Events


Master Beekeeping Program training and exams, October or November in TBA, FL. Apprentice, Advanced and Master level training and exams will be provided.

Master Beekeeping Program training and exams, March 6, 2014 in Marineland, FL. Apprentice, Advanced and Master and Master Craftsman Level training and exams will be provided.

Bee CollegeBee College, March 7-8, 2014 One of the biggest honey bee events in Florida! The bee college is open to all levels of experience, including those with no previous experience. See the bee college program for more info on classes.

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